Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My First Cricut Artfully Sent Card

I know I should probably spread these posts out, but I'm so excited with how my first Artfully Sent projects have come out that I'll go ahead and warn you that you are going to get several posts in a row from me, because I just can't wait to share! This first card I made is for a dear friend that is fighting cancer. I wanted to cheer her up while she is going through chemo. It came together pretty quickly - it would have been even quicker, but I tend to over think everything (yes, I am that person LOL). There are many different interactive card types on the cartridge. This one is a swing card.




(for some reason even though I copy the link for the edited version of this photo from photobucket, I keep getting the unedited version, so sorry this photo isn't as good as the others)

With matching lined envelope

Did I mention that the cartridge has lots of envelopes with liners? I think I have just found a great use for my stockpile of retired light weight Close to My Heart Background and Texture Paper ;-).

Hope you have enjoyed! More to come!

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