Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life Happens/Where I've Been

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't added anything new here in about seven or eight months and wondered what is up with that. I'm not going to share excessively, but I lost a close family member very unexpectedly in January. My dear younger brother. There are days when I still can't believe it.

As you can imagine, I haven't felt really creative in quite some time. We've all been there because well . . . life happens. If you live long enough, there will be seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow. This season of grief I've been in has sent my creativity into hiding. So, without going into a crazy amount of detail I just wanted to let you know why I have seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet for a while. For those of you who have prayed for my mom and her battle with cancer in the past I can give you the happy news that we are closing in on a year and a half cancer free! The joys and sorrows of life - the last couple of years have taught me to live in the moment and be thankful for each day.

I hope to be sharing more creative projects in the coming weeks. Below is a "craft-lift" project that I copied from fellow consultant Bobbi Dailey. It features one of my favorite products shimmer trim. It is currently available in 10 colors. If you've been to any of my classes in the last year or two you know I have a fondness for the stuff LOL! I can never resist a little sparkle and this was perfect for a fun Independence Day wreath. I've been wanting to try the clothes pin wreath trend for quite some time. When I saw a picture of Bobbi's wreath I knew this was the perfect pairing! The shimmer trim already has adhesive on the back, so peel and stick, oh yeah! The width is the same as the width of the clothes pins, so very little measuring. I used some of my Dimensional Elements Stars that I had in my stash with some added Glitter Glitz to keep the sparkle going. The wreath base is a 12" wire wreath base from the floral department at Michael's that I spray painted white. Spray painting the wreath base and waiting for the glue to dry when I attached the Dimensional Elements Stars was probably the most time consuming part of the whole project. 

Hope you've been inspired! I look forward to sharing more Close to My Heart news soon.