Monday, September 15, 2014

Studio J Layouts

Not long ago I was "stuck" waiting in a airport for an entire day (about 11 hours to be exact). I'd been flown into a certain city for a job interview. The company had paid for a rental car for me as well as a flight. To save money (I'm sure and who can blame them) they sent me back on the red-eye, but I had to have the rental back by noon or pay for an extra day. So, I spent the day scrapbooking at the airport. How, you may ask? Studio J that's how!

I had my laptop and wifi, so I was ready to go. I love how these layouts came out and just had to share! I love paper scrapping too, but these really are beautiful. I wish you could see them in person. They look even better than online. There are several of the layouts I am going to add some paper and bling elements to, but most could stand on their own. Click on each layout for a larger view. The beauty of digital scrapping is you can also get copies of your work for friends or family. No re-creating layouts or entire scrapbooks.

Studio J is also awesome for your photo printing needs. See this post I made back in March of 2014 that details how you can get custom sized prints from Studio J as well as traditional sizes. Very economical, especially for all your odd sized prints.

Hope you are inspired!

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