Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekly Crafting Tip

First of all . . . is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? When he looks like that it can make me forget the time he chewed the drapes, vomited under my bed, ran away multiple, multiple times  . . . well no need to get worked up. At  three, Leo says he would never do anything so undignified (unless the lawn care guys leave the gate open again, then all bets are off).

What does the pooch have to do with paper crafting you might ask? Well, this week's tip is so simple that even a puppy knows it, but so profound it will set your crafting free (or at least give you a whole new source of crafting supplies). I used to be known for this saying by a few of my early customers, but I think it occasionally bears repeating, so here goes:

Paper has two sides. 
Think you didn't hear me correctly?
Let me repeat:
Paper has two sides.

Now, before you send me back to paper crafting preschool, hear me out. Sometimes we (myself included) get so caught up in doing things in such an exact manner or the "right" way that when we make what we perceive as a mistake we find it difficult to get past it to find a solution to our creative dilemma. Salvation could be as simple as turning your paper over and stamping a new image (the source of my loving, if slightly tongue-in-cheek reminder to someone that paper has two sides). Other solutions could include, but are in now way limited to:  a different color of ink or paper,  or covering your "oops" with a bow (sometimes a really, really big bow - LOL!).

Just don't be afraid to be open to inspiration. If your creation doesn't look exactly like someone else's (including the class instructor's wink! wink!). It's okay! Some of the most beautiful creations were born from "mistakes".

Get out there & get krafty!

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