Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Retired List

As mentioned in my recent newsletter here is a link to the list of items retiring from the 2013 Spring/Summer Idea Book: .

Part of what delayed me in getting this up was that I couldn't figure out how to post a table in Blogger and keep it readable and even though my version of Adobe Reader on the home pc is updated it keeps crashing, so I think I may need to remove and re-install, so rather than delay this any further my solution was to put the pdf document in Google Docs for you to access. I'm not sure if you have to sign up for Google Docs to view this or if the link itself will be sufficient. However, if you do need to sign up it is free.

Some items have already sold out. To check "real time" availability of an item you can go to my online business account ( and go to the shopping page and type the item number in the shopping cart. Everything on the list is "while supplies last" only. The list is a bit long, but you will notice there is a category column that states if the item is a stamp, accessory, paper, etc. Feel free to email me with any questions. Sorry to get this out a few days late, but I've been out of town for a scrapbook retreat and was in crazy get ready mode before that. I'll share some pics of some of the things I created later, but for now I am off to play with my preview copy of our new "Artbooking" Cricut Cartridge that was recently delivered and will be available to you in August. Happy Shopping!

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