Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scrapdog Approved

 This is Leo, the Scrapdog. Sometimes he feels the need to approve my work (generally when I'm not giving him enough attention). You do have to watch out that he doesn't run off and hide with any crafting tool or product that might make it's way to the floor. Finders, keepers . . . that's Leo's motto ;).


  1. Hi Melissa! What kind of dog is Leo? We have a Yorkie named Cookie that has been "caught" scrappin' too!

    My son made a video on you tube: (You can see her scrapbooking!)

    his first video is even better:

    Happy scrappin',


  2. Alice, I went and watched your videos of Cookie. She is so cute and hilarious. Leo has a similar reaction to the vacuum. He chases it, barks furiously and then latches on the edge with his mouth. Wish I could get some good videos, but he is usually too fast. He is a rescue, so not sure of his parentage other than terrier mix of some kind. I think he looks yorkie in the face. His legs are very long though, so not too sure where those came from.

  3. AWWW Cute! Reminds me when my cat was a kitten and attacking my cricut mat when using my cricut!

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